Monday, May 22, 2017

Mission Statement

Mission Statement:
To spread the good news of the reality of God and Eternal Life through presenting technical stuff recorded in Ancient Scripture that could not have been humanly known until recently and independently discovered by Modern Science.
This work is dedicated to the proposition that one may believe the bible because of science rather than in spite of science.
If the bible is credible in areas of science that can be checked, such as earth science,  what, then do you do with what the bible says about eternal life?
Keys to recognizing technical stuff first recorded in Ancient Scripture:
1.  Discover the technical meanings of original language words.
     Example:  The word Earth in bible means the dry ground of continents, not the planet.
2.  Compare multiple passages on the same subject.
     Example:  34 major biblical accounts of the origins (Not just the one up front.).
3.  Contrast date of original publication to date of independent human discovery
     Example:  Those 34 accounts give the same order of events discovered by modern science.
Science[1]], not religion, is God’s favorite subject.
Yet science is avoided by most theologians.  There seems to be a pervasive fear that to dig too deeply into science would be to discover there is no such thing as God, no such thing as eternal life. 
AnOldScientist finds the opposite to be true.
The Science related stuff (technical information) recorded in the bible is not only credible but also, having been recorded before modern science discovered it, has to be considered to be indication that whatever the ultimate source of that information, it has to be acknowledged to be dependable and worthy of considering when that same source gives information concerning not only the existence of an afterlife, but also the details of the extraterrestrial life form in that afterlife.
Intellectual honesty in considering the technical information (science) in the ancient Hebrew Scriptures (the bible), results in realization of the truth of the Reality of God and the reality of Eternal Life.

[1] The use of the word “science” here is objected to by many scientists because their definition of science is a method as in the “scientific method.”  They say, there could not be science in the bible because the scientific method did not exist until the era of Modern Science began about three to four hundred years ago.  However, the concept of science as meaning the wealth of true technical information about the physical universe has been around for thousands of years.  The legendary Library of Science at Alexandria Egypt was founded about three hundred fifty years before the time of Christ, about two thousand years before the development of Modern Science as a scientific method.